About us

TheNappynat™ project was developed in 2014 from the revolutionary experience born in Tuscany around 2005 which, for the first time ever, had the objective of:

Creating disposable sanitary products made of natural, high-performing and biodegradable raw materials

Specific studies confirm that they work just like the products derived from oil, making children feel more comfortable and mothers more at ease.

With itsNappynat brand (nat is short for natural), Olive Srl redeveloped that idea and created a series of personalised products. The mission remained the same - catering for the comfort and hygiene needs of babies and mothers without compromising our Planet’s natural balance.

Olive srl owns the Nappynat&trade brand and is located in Prato, Tuscany, the largest textile district in Europe. The DNA is the same and can be found in all the fabric sections of the nappies, especially those in contact with the highly sensitive skin of babies. The starch fibre filtering layers were developed from a long study into the technologies needed to create them without resorting to chemical shortcuts.

To reach these solutions and focus on the objective of fulfilling the dream of having a sustainable Planet, we needed the enthusiasm of young people and the lengthy experience of technicians.
Olive è is managed and coordinated by personnel combining both these elements. The communication tools chosen are the most renowned and technologically advanced with our final consumers in mind.
To maintain an efficient level of communication on an international level, we decided to set up an on-line store.

Research and Innovation

The formula is complex yet simple at the same time - nature provides the raw materials that scientific research and technology cannot reproduce and, instead of destroying them, it enhances them. As already experienced with starch fibre (known as “PLA”): Nappynat™ l’ nappies adopted and reinterpreted it in the filtering layers and guards in contact with the baby’s skin. This was made possible due to their efficiency and natural bacteriostaticity, as well as not requiring chemical supports such as soothing creams to reduce the risk of irritation and soreness, which are avoided thanks to its thermal neutrality.

The research into new raw materials and the capability of adapting them to new technologies are at the heart of the Nappynat™ project, just like its policy of clear and transparent communication. All mums, paediatricians or obstetricians and all store or retail representatives can easily identify the composition of our products - all raw materials are listed, even those that may seem to go against the company’s mission and even when their listing is not required by law, as is the case with nappies. A leap of faith that requires courage but also the willingness to promote the safety and comfort of using Nappynat™ products.