Pannolini Ecologici & Naturali

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Natural & Ecological Diapers


  1. They are hypoallergenic and natural.

  2. They are made with biofibre and biofilm, without phthalates or chemical additives.

  3. Always dry thanks to the breathable barriers and the soft outer protection.

  4. Retractable and elasticized closure.

  5. Soft, filtered and made from bio-fabric and organic cotton.

  6. Made in Italy

  7. Available in so many fancy fantasies!

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Why choose Nappynat Eco-friendly Diapers?

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Diapers are synonymous with a baby's hygiene, cleanliness and wellbeing in the first months of life; as the first objects used for our little ones, they also carry a risk of allergic reaction, since they are in prolonged contact with the baby's skin. 

This is why Nappynat natural eco-friendly diapers are perfect for your child from the very earliest days, because they are hypoallergenic and made with plant fibre, biofibre and biofilm. They contain no added chemicals and none of the anti-irritation or lubricating creams used in conventional diapers. They are dermatologically tested and leave the skin dry, naturally preventing irritation and keeping baby's skin healthy. 



Prevention, health and eco-sustainability

Nappynat has devised and developed a certified formula which is free from parabens, formaldehyde, PEG and petroleum in order to remedy the potential  problems of conventional diapers for babies and newborns, caused by materials and chemical substances that can lead to illness, allergies or irritation and damage our little ones' health.  The inside of the diaper is made of organic cotton, while the outside is Mater-Bi bioplastic - the same material used for biodegradable shopping bags; an  excellent natural material, albeit with a slightly "plasticky" feel.

With the goal of prevention in mind, Nappynat natural eco-friendly diapers focus on babies' health, while remaining aware of the new prospects of today's society in terms of waste disposal and environmental protection, in order to create an economy that's circular and sustainable over time. Nappynat diapers are produced using plant-based raw materials; the bio-fabrics in contact with the skin are natural, breathable and free from added creams, paraffins or chemical additives, naturally preventing skin irritations.


Innovative and colourful patterns!

Thanks partly to the unique and original colourful designs that adorn the diapers, Nappynat occupies a position of innovation in its sector. Youthful and fresh, the firm seeks to communicate its positive outlook, in touch with dynamic mums and dads who know how to combine caring for their children's health with sustainability for the planet, without sacrificing a joyful and peppy wearability to put both baby and parent in a good mood!


Special offers and promotion

Throughout the year, Nappynat proposes various special offers on its natural, eco-friendly diapers, either in the form of subscription - with a discount of between 5 and 10% - or as promotions with a specific time-period, with exceptional prices and all kinds of discounts. All you need to do is come back and visit us regularly, so as not to miss the newest and best special offers on the entire Nappynat range of eco-friendly products!


certificazione VeganOk

The VeganOk brand affirms that the company operates in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14021 and that no substance or part of the products is of animal origin or directly or voluntarily involves the killing, detention or exploitation of animals.

certificazione Allergy Certified

Allergy Certified is an international brand that certifies a product that does not contain ingredients or raw materials that can cause allergic or dermatitis reactions. Thanks to this important goal, Nappynat clearly demonstrates the use of vegetable raw materials in the production of hypoallergenic diapers, excluding the use of additives and other irritant substances.

Dermatologicamente testati

Dermatologically tested by the University of Padua certifying the suitability of materials used for contact with delicate children's skin.

  • Report n°15/000111578
  • Report n°15/000111565

Materials of Natural Origins

pannolini Naturali
NAPPYNAT has tested various types of materials in its own lab, checking its safety and certifications and then choosing the best for 
its diapers in perfect balance between ecology, technology and comfort for the baby. The materials that make Nappynat's hypoallergenic
baby diapers resemble delicate skin and surrounding environment. The used cellulose comes from forests with sustainable cultivation.
The filter is made of PLA with a special shrinkage that facilitates the absorption of liquids. PLA adds a lot of comfort to synthetic materials used
in standard diapers which are not breathable and contain harmful phthalates for the delicate skin of children. Over 70% of the materials used
are biodegradable as well as external packaging, thanks to the use of Mater-Bi and bio and non-toxic inks certified.

Made with plant fibers, biofibre e biofilm

pannolini Nappynat

biopolymer PLA from USA and Holland Mater b coming from Italy Cellulose coming from USA.

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