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Midi Nappies - 4-10 Kg

Baby weight: 4-10 Kg - Pack with 22 nappies - €0.40 each

  • Natural hypoallergenic nappies.

  • Made with raw materials of plant origin.

  • They naturally prevent rashes.

  • Compostable and Biodegradable.

  • Anti-bacterial, phthalate and chemical additive-free.

  • Made in Italy.

  • Soft external protection, breathable leak guards, always dry.

  • Strong absorption double-layer, adjustable elastic fasteners.

  • Soft bio-tissue filtering layers.


Nappy Subscription Service

Receive your Nappynat nappies directly at home

Hypoallergenic Nappynat nappies are made with plant materials and no chemical additives.

Why choose Nappynat nappies

Hypoallergenic Nappynat nappies are made with plant materials
without chemical additives
They do not contain anti-irritation and lubricating creams like traditional nappies
They keep your baby’s skin healthy
They are biodegradable and compostable
They are dermatologically tested
High quality because they are developed and produced in Italy


Nordic Ecolabel is the European certification rewarding eco-sustainable products that have a low environmental impact during their life cycle - from production (plants included) to their disposal.

The veganok mark certifies that no substances or product part is of animal origin or derived directly or voluntarily from the killing, detention or exploitation of animals.

Allergy certified is an international mark certifying that a product does not contain ingredients or raw materials that may cause allergic reactions or dermatitis. With this important achievement, Nappynat demonstrates its commitment to using raw materials of plant origin for the production of hypoallergenic nappies without using additives and other irritating substances.

Dermatologically tested by the University of Padua, which guarantees that the materials used are suitable for contact with the sensitive skin of babies.

Compostable and biodegradable natural materials

NAPPYNAT has tested multiple types of materials in its in-house laboratory, checking their safety and certifications. It chose the 10 best for its biodegradable nappies, creating the perfect balance between ecology, technology and baby comfort.
Nappynat hypoallergenic nappies are made of materials that respect the delicate skin of babies as well as the environment. The cellulose used comes from sustainably grown forests. Filtering layers are made up of a unique weave of PLA that facilitates the absorption of liquids. PLA is much more comfortable than the synthetic material used in standard nappies, which are not breathable and contain phthalates that are harmful to the delicate skin of babies. The materials used are biodegradable and compostable, including the outer packaging, thanks to the use of Mater-Bi and certified biodegradable ink that is both compostable and non-toxic.

Compostable and biodegradable natural materials

PLA biopolymer from the USA and Holland

Mater-bi from Italy

Cellulose from the USA.

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Confezione Pacco
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