Anatomical Sanitary Napkins

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Anatomical Sanitary Napkins

A soft sanitary napkin that fits the underwear, ideal for a medium flow and made using selected raw materials.

  • The packaging is bio-plastic (PLA)

  • Cotton in contact with the skin

  • Excellent breathability and comfort

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Certified VeganOk and AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture)


Why choose Nappynat Sanitary Napkins?

Made from natural materials, Nappynat Anatomical Sanitary Napkins are a natural, fresh and soft product which - thanks to the absence of bleaching in the cotton worn next to the skin - guarantees complete breathability combined with hypoallergenic function.

The natural, organic cotton that comes into contact with the skin does not touch any chemicals or harmful substances at any stage of production, and this results in an excellent sanitary napkin that guarantees gentleness for your private parts.

Nappynat sanitary napkins are dermatologically tested, fit perfectly into underwear and are the ideal product to cope with a medium flow: organic cotton next to the skin ensures absorbency, while the biodegradable plastic outer layer provides breathability and comfort.


  1. Compostable bio-plastic packagingNot tested on animals!
  2. Uses plant-based raw materials from organic farming
  3. Recommended for daily use and medium flow
  4. Certified VeganOK
  5. Cotton certified by ICEA
  6. Maize starch liners
  7. Certified VeganOk and AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture)
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